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Did You Know?

Did you know that hot water between 60 – 90 Degrees Celsius alone will kill over 99% of all viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces.…/…/Boiling_water_01_15.pdf Hydromat Services manufactures Hot Water Pressure Cleaners that produce continuous hot water of 90

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Hydromat in 2020

The team at Hydromat Services welcomes you back in 2020. We continue to strive to deliver great customer service and new and improved products for 2020.

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HP Delta 40 Diaphragm Pump

To watch our YouTube video of the Delta 40 click here: This Low Pressure, High Volume Pump is perfect for: • Water Recovery • Fire Fighting Systems • Mist Spraying • Herbicide and Pesticide Spraying HP Delta 40 Diaphragm

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