Hydromat Cleaning Automation

Increase productivity and lower costs with Hydromat Cleaning Automation, by reducing cleaning downtime and labour. We design, manufacture, install and commission high quality cleaning systems. Small or big we are able to offer systems to our customers that offer significant savings in operating costs and are amortised within a short to medium period of time.

  • Increase Productivity with
  • Lower Downtime
  • Lower Labour Costs
  • Save on Water and Water Treatment costs
  • Safer for Operators and Staff
  • Cleaner Environment

We have over 25 years experience in Cleaning Equipment Supplies and manufacturing, in Australia and Europe and have strong ties to Major European Suppliers of equipment and components.

If you are in the Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Process Industry, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Railway Cleaning etc and would like to get some more information, let us visit you And work out a cost effective way how we can increase productivity in your workplace and save you money at the same time.

Some of our Customers: CSL Pharmaceutical, Motorama Auto Group Brisbane, Washtec Australia, Clough Downer, James Hardie